All-inclusive Mass recruitment project

We provide employers the following services in uphold of our core values "Integrity, Professionalism, Efficiency and Localization".
All-inclusive Mass recruitment project- We assist you in recruitment projects locally and globally:

Post and management of job openings
This genders time-efficient and cost-efficient advertising management service newspapers, magazines and internet)

Screening and interview of applicants
We can help you organize and pre-screen applicants in the shortest possible time. In addition, we will provide you with weekly reports for our real-time progress.

Recruitment activities
We can also provide you with a wide range of recruitment activities as you demand.

Setting Interviews
We will contact applicants to ensure that they are familiar with relevant information regarding the interview.

Interview Venues
We can provide interview venues should you require it..

Airport Shuttle and Accommodation
We can provide these services should you require them for specific interviews.

Interview Results and Registration Information
We will provide registration information for applicants who succeed and inform those who fail.

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