Rising is a professional recruitment consulting company that delivers a complete range of services for enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region, including executive search, permanent placement, overseas search, recruitment project, staffing dispatching, payroll outsourcing, payroll administrative services, etc., .We proactively expand our business area to offer job seekers diverse and flexible employment services beyond geographical borders.

We are focused on and adept of providing a suit of workforce solutions globally and locally, and help companies establish collaborative partnerships in uphold of the principles of "Integrity, Professionalism and Efficiency”. Together we have established quick and applicable recruitment channels through the close tripartite link among employers and talents, the keen understanding of talent-related needs, along with the careful analysis of the potential of people. We also cultivate culture and create networks through our team of consultants, continuing to satisfy customers’ rapidly changing needs through services optimized by systematic and professional expertise.

Under the mission of promoting an ethical business culture, we commit ourselves to establishing a healthy and superior work environment, and creating a workplace culture characterized by high achievement, challenges, solidarity and cooperation.


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