Service Advantage

"Search for Perfection" is our ultimate goal, we believe that everyone has his / her unique value to fit different corporations, and our mission is to find the best fit between employers and employees.

What set us apart are our core values:

1. Integrity

We are committed to establishing strong collaborative relationships with our clients while valuing honesty and integrity in all our undertakings:

  • Real status of talents without any form of false manipulation.
  • Rigorous check on each resume to ensure true and correct information.
  • Approval from applicants prior to job recommendation.

2. Professionalism

Capitalizing on years of professional experience and prudently maintaining client privacy, we are capable to satisfy customers’ needs and ensure them the access to a wide array of resources through appropriate allocation of consultants.

3. Efficiency

Globalization blurs the boundaries between states and accelerates commerce. Hence, companies with talent-related needs are faced with a major dilemma and a sense of urgency. In addition to efficiently matching talents and employers through teamwork and sharing of resources and social networks, we have set up service sites in and outside Taiwan to offer the most cost-efficient workforce solutions.

Moreover, we are proud of our first-class talent pool which is protected by computer systems to ensure privacy and qualified offices with global reach.


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