Job ID 0005415503
Job title Computer Vision/Machine Learning
An artificial intelligence company developing autonomous security systems for enterprises.
Job description
Develop and implement vision algorithms to power Umbo camera's “smart” features.
  • C/C++, python or Matlab (fluent in at least one)
  • Experience implementing vision and learning techniques in practice/at scale
  • Some experience in one of the following areas (and knowledgable about the others):
    • Numerical optimization and algorithms
    • Object classification and recognition
    • Audio classification and recognition
    • Signal processing
    • Recommender systems
    • Computational imaging
    • Inference / Statistical learning
    • Video summarization
    • 3D sensor / space realization
  • Good working knowledge of numerical methods
  • Experience with GPU/CUDA implementation
Location Taiwan
Salary 面議
Contact us Susie Su 蘇純怡

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