Business Philosophy


Chief Operating Officer - Sean Lee

"I've worked as a staff, manager and business owner, experienced various challenges as assigned in different job positions and thus developed a high capacity for empathy and resource integration to match employers and job seekers efficiently. Our initial goal is to unleash people’s potential and demonstrate their strengths." - Sean Lee, COO of Rising.

Embracing top-notch talents is the key to our success, while offering stages for employees to fulfill their ambition is what we strive for. Sean Lee believes that the ultimate dream of every professional head hunter is to fulfill and satisfy both employers and job seekers in the realization of their business and career goals.

To help employers obtain collaborative partnership, we have to put ourselves in their shoes to determine the partners’ profile. Executive search is much more difficult than normal matching. 80% of our business in the Asia-Pacific region is involved in job hunting, selection and recommendation of executive managers. Thus the need for clear market segmentation and an accurate network database to access talents efficiently.

Our responsibility is to find the best fit between employers and job seekers, maximizing the interest of both parties, which is the most difficult process in head hunting. We have established an ideal business culture characterized by amicable atmosphere, dynamic and healthy competition, support and cooperation, a win-win situation in terms of income and sense of achievement, a fair and transparent promotion system, overseas job rotation, regular training, etc., which allows our consultants to help employers and job seekers to find best suitable targets.

We are dedicated to creating a workplace based on solidarity and mutual assistance, with which we can help both our customers and job seekers on promising employment prospects.

Chief Business Development Officer - Sophia Chiang

With many years of executive search experience, our CBDO- Sophia Chiang observes that many executive managers, after working for the same company for several years, are eager to find new career challenges but fail to do so in short of good market information and motivation / new career goals. This is the origin of Ms. Chiang’s ideal of creating a precise and personalized executive search service.

According to Sophia Chiang, “what we do is to provide them with accurate information that would allay fears of career change, we can meet their needs based on our expertise and friendly service to find them better career opportunities.”

We understand employers’ needs by developing partnership through close communication, we listen to job seekers’ views and expectations towards new businesses, and we adopt personalized and systematic service strategies to facilitate supply and demand. We satisfy various demands of enterprises and individual job seekers, emphasizing efficient and accurate employment services. Sophia Chiang enjoys the work since it helps companies achieve greater success and offers job seekers the right platform to demonstrate their skills.

With executive search experience of more than ten years, Sophia Chiang has helped thousands of talented people find suitable careers, and developed exceptional professional expertise among hundreds of clients, including the world's leading search engine company, a popular chain of restaurants in China, traditional and high-tech enterprises, as well as retail companies and other reputable enterprises in various industries.

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