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Rising holds the belief that employees who are happy and content are more likely to deliver an excellent work performance. Therefore, we aim to achieve a win-win situation between employers and employees of the organization, in which we respect and trust each other; encourage everyone to innovate and share their ideas, and to maintain communication with one another. Working in Rising offers you a truly fulfilling experience:

Open and transparent company culture
Rising encourages direct communication among colleagues, believing that providing sincere and constructive feedback is the best way for the company and employees to achieve good progresses and quick adjustments.

Team with mutual support and trust
Rising emphasizes teamwork and sharing of experiences and contacts among consultants to facilitate mutual learning With this practice it also speeds up candidates’ job hunting process as well as talent acquisition of employers.

Personal fulfillment and good performance bonuses
Everyone aspires to embrace self-fulfillment; Rising commits itself to helping each consultant attain success and a sense of achievement by providing high-performance bonuses that recognize their contribution and accomplishment.

Cooperation with top international and local companies
Rising is affiliated with top multinational and local companies, offering opportunities to work with the industry’s most outstanding talents and managers. During the process our consultants also get the opportunity to see why these outstanding talents are successful.

While we value our employees for their contribution to the company’s growth and development, we also encourage everyone to get out of their comfort zone and seek greater challenges and growth s to achieve their life and career goals. We help candidates discover their greatest value, and we help our own consultants to maximize their own full potential.

Rising is growing rapidly in the Asia-Pacific region and we sincerely invite you to partner up with us!

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