About Us

Rising is a professional recruitment consulting company that provides a variety of services for enterprises based in the Asia-Pacific region. Such services include executive search, permanent placement, temporary & contract staffing outsourcing, payroll outsourcing & parking and HR outsourcing services. We aim to expand our service to offer job seekers and employers with a diverse and flexible recruiting experience.

Upholding the principles of “Integrity, Professionalism, and Efficiency”, and always showing sharp industrial insight, Rising is confident in providing corporations with the best workforce solutions and the most suitable employees. By building a closely connected tripartite relationship with the recruiters and the candidates - followed with a keen understanding of the corporations’ demands and a detailed analysis of the candidates’ potential - we are able to establish adaptable and efficient recruitment channels. The broad connections and field expertise of our professional consulting team have built a systematic and professional basis that enables us to prioritize satisfying your needs.

Based on the vision of establishing a harmonious working culture, we strive to create a great-place-to-work environment that is characterized by both challenges, achievements and cooperation.

Our Values

Rising satisfies the desires of individuals and meets the demands of enterprises. We find the right stage for the right person and help corporations achieve greater success

Chief Operating Officer of Rising Management Consulting Co., Ltd.Sean Lee

Acquiring top-notch talents is the key to a company’s success, while finding a stage that stimulates their best performances is a main source of employees’ sense of achievements. From a professional headhunter to a COO of a recruitment consulting firm, Sean Lee makes sure Rising follows this fundamental principle: “to always satisfy both the employers and employees in realizing their career ambitions.”

“In order to find the desired candidate, we would have to put ourselves in the shoes of the employers.” Executive search is more difficult than general headhunting. “80% of our business involves the hunting, selecting, and recommending of executive managers in the Asia-Pacific region; therefore clear market segmentation and the organization of an accurate network database have become the foundation of an efficient recruitment system.”

“The most difficult task in the field of headhunting is the coordination between workforce supply and demand; our consultants are responsible in working towards the best interests of both parties.” Thus, in order to stimulate our consultants’ optimal performances, Rising established a company culture that is characterized by: an amicable atmosphere, a competitive but cooperative working habitat, a free-to-perform stage where employees can gain both achievements and income, a fair and transparent promotion system, overseas working opportunities, regular trainings, etc.

We are dedicated to construct a workplace culture that is based on teamwork and mutual assistance. With this spirit, we can help both enterprises and job seekers achieve their ideal career prospects.

瑞星管理顧問股份有限公司營運長 Sean Lee 李聲揚

“With our values ”Integrity→ Professionalism→ Efficiency”, we are able to help employees and employers find their fittest match, fostering individual and industrial growth and leading to societal development,” says Chief Operating Officer Sean Lee. “To become the catalyst of worldwide progression is the reason why we started Rising.”

Chief Business Development Officer of Rising Management Consulting Co., Ltd.Sophia Chiang

With many years of executive search experience, Rising’s CBDO Sophia Chiang observed that most executive managers, after working in the same company for years, ended up lacking new career goals and motivations. They are in search of new job opportunities, yet often failed because of their deficiency in market information. Sophia’s core value: to “create a precise and humanistic executive search service” was hence defined.

瑞星管理顧問股份有限公司業務發展長 Sophia Chiang 蔣宗芸

According to Sophia, “The mission of Rising is to provide candidates with accurate information that would decrease fears of career change. We can meet their needs and find them better opportunities with our expertise and amicability.”

Through detailed communication, we understand employers’ needs and job seekers’ expectations towards their future career; through humanistic and systematic service strategies, we connect the supply and demand of the labor market. Highlighting efficiency and accuracy, Rising satisfies the demands of enterprises and individuals. To “find the right stage for the right person, and to help companies achieve greater success” are Sophia’s greatest sense of accomplishments at work.

Being in this field for more than a decade, Sophia Chiang has assisted thousands of talented candidates find their fittest workplace, and has developed exceptional professional expertise among hundreds of clients, including a world’s leading search engine company, a well-known Chinese chain restaurant, a variety of traditional, high-tech, retail and other reputable enterprises.

Service Advantage

Our mission is to find the best employees for employers and to find the best employers for employees



We are committed to establish strong collaborative relationships with our clients, therefore we emphasize the significance of honesty and integrity. We promise to:

1.Reflect the status of candidates and prevent any form of manipulation
2.Ensure accurate information through rigorous verifications of resumes
3.Safeguard the interests of all parties by obtaining approval from applicants prior to job recommendation



Experienced and well-trained, we are confident in our ability to recognize and satisfy the demands of our clients. We are prudent and responsible. We highly value our clients’ privacy and will always guarantee a fair allocation of resources and consultants among clients.



With the rise of globalization came the accelerated growth of the business world; companies are acquiring talents from an unprecedented scope of geographical span and under increasing urgency. In response to this market trend, Rising consultants cooperate to share resources and to build a candidate database that will enable the highest efficiency when matching employers with employees. Our branches oversea will also guarantee a wide range of service available.

Abiding by aforesaid values, Rising’s database of quality candidates is secured by professional IT systems that ensure the privacy of clients/candidates. All branch offices are also certified consulting companies that comply with local laws and regulations.


Social Responsibility

Aside from providing executive search services, Rising contributes to the society in the form of annual donations to child foster care, animal welfare organizations, and other charity groups.

Our founders have also used their expertise to hold non-profit career planning seminars for teenagers and professionals to acquire knowledge and to improve employment opportunities.