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We believe employees who are happy and self-fulfilling are more likely to deliver optimal performances. Hence, we aim to create a win-win situation for every Rising’s employee and executive. In Rising, we respect and trust our colleagues; we encourage our teammates to innovate and share creativity; we value the communication between every person. In Rising, you will experience :

An open and transparent company culture

Rising encourages direct communications between all colleagues. We believe that giving and accepting genuine suggestions and constructive feedbacks are the fastest ways to improve.

A supportive and trusting team

We emphasize teamwork. As consultants share their experiences and networks, they learn from one another, and are able to raise their efficiency at work.

Personal fulfillment and performance bonuses

Everyone aspires to become their fullest, and the workplace is the best place to do so. In Rising, we strive to ensure the success of our consultants and let them obtain their sense of achievement. Along with these two, we also provide high performance bonuses to recognize our consultants’ accomplishments.

Cooperation with top international and local companies

We cooperate with top multinational and local companies, thus offering our employees plenty of opportunities to work with the industry’s most outstanding talents and managers. One would be able to closely observe their charisma and the reasons that made them successful.

Rising value our employees’ contributions and we encourage everyone to challenge themselves and to leave their comfort zone. Not only do we assist candidates to fulfill their potential, we also help our employees become the best they can be.

We sincerely invite you to join us!

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